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  • » DARA a KONTRAFAKT concerts

    dátum vloženia: 23.02.2024

    At the end of January (26.1. and 27.1.2024) two concerts were held in the sold-out O2 arena in Prague for DARA ROLINS (@dararolins_vermi). 

    A few days later (February 9, 2024), our company MINISTRY Rental Service provided complete technical support for the KONTRAFAKT - New Era concert at the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium in Bratislava. You can find more information in the references and photos on the following links:

    DARA photo from the event >>>>

    KONTRAFAKT photo from the event >>>>


    dátum vloženia: 04.02.2024

    The next continuation of the HARDMISSION and TECHMISSION 2024 festival, which took place in Prague's O2 Universum hall, could not do without complete equipment from the MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE company.

    - Complete sound system by L'Acoustics - K1, K2, K3, KS28, K1SB

    - 195m2 LED screens (P4.8 and P3.9 blackface)

    - effect lights from world brands Robe, ClayPaky, Chauvet

    - 14 full-color lasers (8x 43W, 6x 22W)

  • » TRANSMISSION ELYSIUM - Gelredome Arnhem NL

    dátum vloženia: 06.12.2023

    In the Dutch city of Arnhem, in the legendary mega hall Gelredome, on 2nd of December 2023, the premiere event of the new great series of the TRANSMISSION - Elysium festival took place. It is the first time that a Slovak company has provided a technically complete event of these dimensions on such a scale.

    MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE completely provided the sound with the phenomenal sound system L-Acoustics (K1, K2, K3, KARA, KS28, SB28, K1 SB), built 406m2 LED screens 3.9 and 4.8 blackface, used 499 pcs of intelligent effect lights from global manufacturers Robe, Claypaky, GLP, Martin, Chauvet and the overall great atmosphere was completed by 28 full-color lasers. Our other effects and technical support equipment were not missing either.

    The owner of the MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE company, Mr. Rudolf Tucek, who is also a proven sound expert, was an integral part of the successful event. During this event, he had to solve an almost insurmountable task with the sound limits that were imposed by the hall operators and the authorities.

    Based on his experiences, he tuned the L'Acoustics system so that visitors and performers are treated to the quality and dynamics of great sound. It was necessary to comply with the prescribed 99 dB(A) and at the same time 112 dB(C), which we could not exceed. The musical experience of the entire event was great, and during the entire event, this seemingly unrealistic limit was not exceeded even for a moment.

    PHOTOS from the event TRANSMISSION ELYSIUM Gelredome Arnhem >>>>

  • » TRANSMISSION and HARDMISSION Thailand and Poland

    dátum vloženia: 02.11.2023

    At the end of October, we managed three more great and unique events.

    The first two in Bangkok, Thailand, where the next edition of the festival TRANSMISSION - The Aftermath continued, and at the same place next day, the continuation of HARDMISSION - The Prophecy.  
    Here you had the opportunity to experience a great light and laser show provided by our company MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE.

    A week later, we provided technical equipment for another continuation of the great series of festivals TRANSMISSION - Awakening in the city of Gdansk, Poland.

    At this festival, MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE provided complete technical equipment.
    Complete sound with phenomenal sound system L-Acoustics (K1, K2, K3, KARA, KS28),
    LED screens, intelligent effect lights from proven and well-known companies like Robe, Claypaky, GLP, Martin, Chauvet and the whole great atmosphere was completed by full color lasers.

    Photos from TRANSMISSION The Aftermath and HARDMISSION The Prophecy BANGKOK Thailand here >>>>

    Photos from TRANSMISSION AWAKENING GDANSK Poland here >>>>

  • » Firma MINISTRY Rental Service provided all technical equipment on KONTRAFAKT New Era in O2 arena at Prague.

    dátum vloženia: 09.10.2023

    KONTRAFAKT - New Era

    23.9.2023 O2 arena PRAGUE

    - Complete sound by L'Acoustics - K1, K2, K3, KARA, KS28
    340m2 LED screens
    403 effects inteligent lights from worldwide known brands like Robe, Claypaky, GLP, Martin, Chauvet
    - Full color lasers

    Stage & Show Design: Martin Hruška


    PHOTOS from concert >>> 


  • » Festival LOVESTREAM 2023

    dátum vloženia: 01.10.2023

    The festival with the largest 71m wide stage was prepared by MINISTRY RENTAL SERVICE for performers Imagine Dragons, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, The Killers, Jason Derulo, RagnBone Man, Alvaro Soler, Salvatore Ganacci, Michael Patrick Kelly, Editors, Jessie Ware and others at the LOVESTREAM Festival 2023 . 

    The festival was completely technically equiped by our company MINISTRY Rental Service! All equipments are our property. 

    - Complete sound system by L-Acoustics - K1, K2, K3, KS28
    - 424m2 LED screens
    - 383 inteligent lights from worldwide know brands like Robe, Claypaky, GLP, Martin, Chauvet
    - 14 full colors lasers
    Approximately 100,000 visitors visited the festival during three days!
  • » MINISTRY Rental Service company provided all the technical resources for concert Dara Rolins „50“ in Prague´s O2 arena.

    dátum vloženia: 16.03.2023

    28.1.2023 O2 arena PRAGUE

    We used L-Acoustics K1, K2 and K3 for the complete sound system of the arena. We own this system as a only one company in Slovakia. Yamaha Rivage PM7 was used as the main sound console.

    For the best color performance and high screen quality MINISTRY rental service used own LED screens P4,8 and P,3,9 in total of 411m2 from one type series. Spectaculous 22 meters high LED screen was the largest screen in the history of the O2 Arena.

    A total of 330 smart effect lights from top global brands ROBE, Clay Paky and GLP and 10 full-color 22W lasers were used for the show. The lights were controlled via timecode by Grand MA3 FullSize consoles.

    Lights used at the concert:
    Robe Mega Pointe - 93x
    Robe Forte – 12x
    Robe BMFL Blade – 6x
    Robe Tetra 1 – 8x
    Robe Tetra2 – 10x
    Robe Robin Led Beam150 – 20x
    Robe RoboSpot - 2x
    Clay Paky Sharpy – 33x
    Clay Paky Mythos – 34x
    Clay Paky HY B-EYE K25 – 24x
    Clay Paky HY B-EYE K15 – 16x
    GLP X4bar – 50x
    GLP JDC1 – 24x

    Computer-controlled CyberHoist II smart motors, which we own in the number of 20 units, were used during the show.

    All equipment used at the Dara Rollins concert is the property of MINISTRY Rental Service.

     You can view the list of our equipment HERE >> 




  • » MINISTRY Rental Service on Transmission in Prague and Oktagon in Bratislave at the same day.

    dátum vloženia: 26.01.2023

    TRANSMISSION 2021 (11.September 2021) - In Prague´s O2 arena Ministry Rental Service completely equiped by L-Acoustic K1 sound system as only one owner at Slovakia. As a main digital mixing console was used Yamaha Rivage PM7. 

    Our company supplied 222m2 of P4.8 LED screens, complete lighting in the total number of 270 intelligent light effects from world brands - Clay, Robe, Martin, controlled by two GrandMA 3 Fullsize and a magnificent laser show!

    The entire technology used on the Transmission is the property of the MINISTRY Rental Service.


    OKTAGON 27 (11.September 2021) - Our company provided complete technical equipment for the MMA tournament at the Ondrej Nepela´s Winter Stadium in Bratislava.


  • » MINISTRY Rental Service owned 1200m2 LED screens - up to 520m2 of a brand new outdoor LED screen from one series.

    dátum vloženia: 21.01.2021

    A hot news in our warehouse is the NEW outdoor LED screen P4.8 and P3.9 which is built for outdoor use, resistant to rain and with a brightness of up to 4700cd / m2 can display a high quality and contrasting image even in strong sunlight and is suitable for festivals and various open air events.

    Thanks to the refresh rate of 3000hz, it is also ideal for use on TV broadcasts or for situations where the camera captures the LED screen without unwanted flicker.

    All modules have blackface diodes (black) diodes, whose biggest advantage over conventional diodes is that they can display black very well, and this allows you to display a high contrast ratio that brings vivid and rich colors. The modules are less reflective, which means that they reflect a minimal amount of incident light and the LED screen will display dark shades very well.

    Thanks to these parameters, this LED screen can offer image quality comparable to OLED panels even during daylight, but with significantly higher contrast and white intensity.

    Modules with dimensions of 0.5 m x 1 m are ideal for large-format LED screens, but they can also be combined with standard module dimensions of 0.5 m x 0.5 m. All modules have an angle locking system with angles of -5 °, -2.5 °, 0 °, 2.5 °, 5 ° so they can be folded into the inner and outer angle according to the customer's needs.

    LED P 4.8 black face - OUTDOOR Curve lock
    0.5m x 1m - 300m
    0.5m x 0.5m - 100m

    LED P 3.9 black face - OUTDOOR Curve lock
    0.5m x 0.5m - 120m

    In total, the MINISTRY Rental Service company owns up to 520 m2 of these new outdoor, angle-edged LED screens, all from one series in which we guarantee the same color.

  • » Galaconcert LUCIE BILA and complete technical equipment by MINISTRY Rental Service!

    dátum vloženia: 27.11.2018

    MINISTRY Rental Service 22.November 2018 provided complete technical equipment for GALAKONCERT Lucia Bila on Ondrej Nepela stadium at Bratislava.

    For galakoncert MINISTRY RENTAL supplied LED screens with resolution  8K, lighting effects, complete video and lights design, sound for  whole stadium and complete stage equipment!



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